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Discover the Mesmerizing 3D Hourglass Lamp "12 Inch"

Discover the Mesmerizing 3D Hourglass Lamp "12 Inch"

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Experience the Magic of Time with the 3D Sandscape

Step beyond the ordinary and immerse yourself in a world of mesmerizing sand art with the 3D Hourglass Lamp. This is not just a timepiece, it's a gateway to tranquility and limitless artistic exploration.

Visualize this: Observe as the silky sand forms enchanting landscapes with each gentle turn. Mountains ascend, seas rise and fall, a tiny world reborn – all within the captivating illumination of this contemporary wonder.

But the enchantment extends beyond mere aesthetics:

  • Experience tranquility: As the sand narrates its tale, your concerns fade into the background. Each mesmerizing transformation becomes a moment of meditation, leaving you serene and focused.
  • Ignite your creativity: Each turn sparks your imagination. Sculpt, design, and weave stories in sand – the opportunities are as boundless as the sand grains themselves.
  • Contemporary Zen masterpiece: The crystal-clear glass and sleek acrylic base transform this from a simple timer to a conversation piece, a centerpiece that enhances any setting.
  • Unleash versatility: Whether it's a peaceful bedroom or a bustling restaurant, the 3D Hourglass Lamp fits in. Relax at home, create a romantic ambiance for dinner, or captivate guests at your next gathering.

It's time to redefine your perception of time. Move away from the mundane tick-tocks and embrace the mesmerizing ballet of the 3D Hourglass Lamp.

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Material: Glass, acrylic, quicksand

Light source: LED

Working voltage: EU/220V US/110V

Wattage: 18W

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