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Discover the Superior Biochemical Cotton Filter for Optimal Filtration Efficiency

Discover the Superior Biochemical Cotton Filter for Optimal Filtration Efficiency

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We are thrilled to present our Biochemical Cotton Filter. This innovative product, powered by an oxygenation pump, serves as an invaluable asset to your aquatic ecosystem. With its high air lift power and noise-free operation, it provides a refreshing environment for your underwater inhabitants.


Our Biochemical Cotton Filter significantly improves the Dissolved Oxygen in your aquarium. It effectively increases the soluble gas volume in the water, transforming murky waters into a crystal-clear habitat. This ensures your aquatic life remains vibrant and healthy.

Unlike traditional filters, our Biochemical Cotton Filter operates quietly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the serene ambiance of your aquatic paradise without any disturbance. It is not only energy-saving but also contributes to maintaining your peace of mind.


Our Biochemical Cotton Filter offers comprehensive filtration. Its unique cylindrical design and multi-layer sponge construction ensure thorough filtration without missing a spot.
Crafted from eco-friendly sponge and equipped with a built-in bubble stone, it maximizes oxygenation and water filtration. This promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, resulting in a clean and stable aquatic environment.
It is suitable for all species, making it an ideal choice for any aquatic enthusiast.

  • High air lift power and noise-free operation
  • Improves Dissolved Oxygen and water clarity
  • Eco-friendly and effective filtration

Upgrade your aquarium with our Biochemical Cotton Filter and witness your underwater world flourish. Order now and let your aquatic life thrive!

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